Emotional Words #2

Some time ago some internet marketer had a list of 163 email subject lines that they swear work to get people to open and read their emails.  I’d attribute the source but I lost the reference…. I believe they are in the business opportunity niche (kinda get rich on the internet).

Here is that list of Powerful Email Subject Lines:

 Sneak Peek
 Hey {{ first_name }}, did you make it?
 Your Google Hangout is starting soon…
 I want to see YOU
 Big news for APM
 Here are your discount links and coupon codes!
 [Only a Few Spots Left] You Hear About This?
 Your bonus training webinar is starting now!
 [WSM] Live Today!
 You might be taking the wrong steps
 Here’s What’s Up for June 17!
 Deactivation notice: Renew now
 You have new courses!
 7/5: The wait is over…
 [LIVE] Your Google Hangout is starting…
 We’re Upgrading!
 [Barcelona] Your Early Registration Link is HERE
 The truth about sourcing from China
 [JV] Two BIG opportunities
 Join the presentation now!
 Your webinar w/Jason Fladlien is starting now!
 Loved the webinar? Did you catch all the extras?
 Re: You are getting this, but it’s not forever…
 Join Original “Shark” Kevin Harrington Now!
 New course added: Social Marketing Profit System
 What do you think so far?
 $2,163,852 Per Year on Amazon Each
 Your “$0 to $1M in 12 Months” replay is now available!
 Are you up to date?
 [LIVE] Your webinar starts now!
 How’s it going?
 Steal from your competitors
 The Countdown Has Started!
 We Have Something Just for You
 [JV] Covered by Forbes, 60 Minutes, CNBC, and more…
 28 Courses Added!
 Testimonials and News!
 You only have 14 days
 Get your space while they last!
 Spy and profit
 Thank you!
 Tell us how to make it even better!
 Let’s hangout in Austin
 An Exclusive Preview
 Become a spy
 Steal THIS strategy
 Got skills? Get paid to teach them!
 100 books a year?
 The Future of ASM
 [SS] WOW! Now this is very cool…
 Are you ready to dominate Facebook
 Your 2014 Strategy
 New Week, New Members, & Awesome Instructors
 Check out what’s new
 Sell your skills
 Learn How to Pick RED HOT Products
 Really? We’ve gone INSANE…
 [Private Invitation] Hey {{ first_name }}, Don’t Settle for $1M
 ASM vs. the Membership
 [PRIVATE] Steal These PROVEN Headlines, Images, and Templates…
 1,607 Registered!
 ASM – Time is money, so do this now
 Only 36 hours away…
 $0 to $100K/month in 12 months?
 ASM to Shopify [live]
 Want to sell more of your products?
 We Miss You
 [Affiliate] Cut the crap.
 Build Yours
 [SS] Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!
 URGENT WARNING: Facebook closing down?
 $2,163,852 Per Year on Amazon Each
 $1,040,136 per year ON AVERAGE?
 Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!
 2 weeks notice
 Are you ready?
 Let’s get started
 No computer needed
 The Final Secret
 Only One More Day!
 My $60K Mistake
 Here it is…
 Meet Carter
 $1M on Amazon with no product?
 Amazon to Shopify [live]
 Become an “appreneur”
 Freely available
 The 5-Step System
 Your next lesson
 How to DOUBLE your sales on Amazon…
 Meet me in Austin
 $0 to $1MM in 12 Months?
 Scaling to $500 Million from nothing, in 5 years…
 Amazon + Instagram = ???
 Commit now
 I’ve got your ticket to China
 Need money for inventory?
 Start now
 Steal this!
 Want a free balance board?
 Rank on Amazon’s page 1 like clock work
 Step 1. Get product live, Step 2. Do this…. [live]
 Disappearing soon…
 Gone in minutes
 Instagram + Amazon = Sales?
 What are the 5 steps?
 WOW: The whole shebang
 Re: can’t see what’s next??
 BANNED by Amazon
 Extreme Makeover: Amazing Edition
 OMG – Rings or Board for 99% OFF?
 10 page 1 rankings in 2 weeks?
 Don’t be silly
 Time’s up
 Spend time on Facebook? Why not generate sales while you do it…
 [Private Invitation] Only 10 HOURS left!
 One Free BWM
 It only takes 3 hours
 We’ve Got Something New for You
 $0 to $1M on Amazon [webinar]
 Come hang with us now!
 You better do THIS before your competitors
 12 months of someone else handling the details, for FREE
 Here it is…[strategy video]
 Don’t Miss the Grand Finale!
 Go Beyond Amazon, Thrive in the Wild!
 Missed the Webinar? You have 48 Hours to Watch It
 Final notice
 Auto-pilot has never been so profitable
 Can you spare one hour to grow your business?
 10 page 1 rankings in 2 weeks? OMG…
 Closing TONIGHT
 Increase Sales in 90min
 Make Facebook work for you
 The 10th principle
 The simple way to make your product sell on Amazon
 COUNTDOWN: It’s almost over.
 Subject: Unlimited Amazon reviews
 Do You Sell on Amazon? Here’s Why It Matters…
 Want to sell your Amazon business?
 Looking for Increased Traffic?
 Facebook = More Sales
 Facebook in 90min
 Live in < 30 min: “$1M to $2M on Amazon”
 Rock the Holidays
 Uh oh.
 Conversion, Traffic, Scale
 See you at lunch today
 You want in on this?
 Amazon partnering with you?
 Are you doing the right things in the wrong order?
 OMG…How come I didn’t think of that?
 OMG…Are you kidding me?
 Quick question…
 Amazon BANS Reviews
 This is crazy.

So lets drop all these phrases into Effie and see what are the most emotional words…

Lets create our distilled list of Super Emotional Subject Line words by emotions evoked.

Anxiety: Steal, Spy. Shark

Hostility: Steal, Spy, Shark, Dominate, Strategy, Taking

Depression: Steal, Wrong, Want, Discount, Competitors

Confidence: Strategy, Exclusive, Starting, Live, Truth

Compassion: You, Your, Live

Happiness: Live, Profit