The Emotional Path to Persuasion

We are wired for stories.  We learn and experience the world through story. And good stories bring us on an emotional journey.

When a prospective client is engaging with your business, what is their path and what is the story the are experiencing?  How does the story evoke their emotions?

I’ve been a huge fan of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”.   The elements of the story construction for sales funnels are all clearly identified there.

I’m also a huge fan of Nancy Duarte’s description of the core elements in persuasive presentations.  What is similar about Steve Job’s iPhone launch speech, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream” and Abe Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address’ speeches.  Click to watch her Ted Talk.

You know as a marketing professional interested in creating superior results, that you need to tell a great story to engage your prospects and educate them an have a chance to help them become customers.

So when you are creating an ad, a landing page, a blog post or a webinar script, you are bringing your readers on an emotional journey. Our tools help yo understand the emotions your words evoke and how to ‘score the emotional music’ of your content through out the engagement process.

Let’s use a simple example of the emotionality of a landing page and the emotionality of the Facebook ads that attracted people to that landing page.

Can can see the emotions evoked by the Facebook ads.

Then when people click on tha Facebook ad they are greeted by a landing page which has different emotions evoked by the words. Experience suggests that the general emotionality and the topic we are discussing should be similar across your funnel assets.

Take another example… our prospects watch a webinar then go to a sales page.

This combination worked because the emotionality of the webinar was similar to to sales page.  The sales page had higher anxiety, hostility and depression than the webinar to drive people to action (and get the sale).

Here is another example of emotional patterns that worked and didn’t work well. We had a sales page in a funnel that actually got a good number of sales and it is a ‘long form’ sales page.  We wanted to edit the long page down into a ‘short form’ page by eliminating words.  The short form sales page is on the left. The lobg form is on the right.

Experience is proving that there are many emotional patterns, many words that sell but in general you need that ‘sweet sour’ sauce of Anxiety/Hostilty/ Depression AND Confidence/Compassion/Happiness to drive people to take action and buy things.

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