Why Emotional Analytics?

Seriously, heartless computers analyzing emotions?

Why use algorithms to analyze emotions?

The short answer is that adding some objectivity to understanding the marketing process creates an opportunity for substantial improvement. The problem we marketers have is that we become insensitive to the emotions evoked by the content we are creating. That video again..pause it. Read and feel that article again? Feel that sales letter?

It makes us less productive so we tend to focus on the task at hand. Getting pages up. Getting that ad campaign launched. Getting that email out. In short, get stuff done.

But we also know that all decisions are made emotionally.

It’s funny how imperfect copy often works better. It’s emotional. It’s rough. It’s authentic.

As a marketer, I created this tool and technique for me. I’m jumping from business to business all day. Looking at analytics, modifying funnels and pages. I’m not emotionally sensitive to the content.

Also I’m a visual learner. I process information in pictures and graphs. If I can see it I think I can understand it.

If only I had a way of seeing the cascades of emotions our content is evoking.

That’s what effie (our algroithm) and emoteus does.