Emotions Drive Action and Engagement.

As marketers, we become insensitive to the emotions evoked by our content.

We don’t understand the emotional journey we bring a new customer on as they move from Website Visitor to Prospect to Customer.

What if you could understand the emotions? What is you could see them?

You can see the difference in these emotions:

How much better could your results be if you could score and optimize your copy and content based upon emotions evoked by the words?

You could better evaluate copywriters for ‘tone’ fit with your brand.

You could understand why your best funnels work so you can replicate them.

You could make more money.

I’m going to introduce you to a new tool and technique.  A new way of thinking about building your brand, your sales funnels and your advertising.

We have a patented, proprietary method of analyzing the emotions evoked by written American English words.

Compare the emotionality of these webpages:

You can see the levels of each of the core emotions.  One is much more emotional. But what emotions create a great customer journey?

As a marketer trying to engage and persuade people, I ask you this:

Which page will be more engaging?  Page 1 or Page 2

Which page will drive more conversions?

This is a powerful tool to improve your marketing!

You can see the levels of emotions and the flow of the emotions.

This is our model. There are 6 core emotions.


You can understand the emotionality of all your marketing.

You can improve results.

We invite you to improve your marketing by mastering emotions in your marketing communications.

Page Analysis

Imagine you could put in a page url and quickly see the emotionailty.

First you can see the overall level of emotionality of the 6 Core Emotions:

You see this page is high on anxiety and hostility.

Using another page example… here are the highest Emotional Words on a page.


Thirdly, you can see the emotional flow.

How would you like the emotional flow for your website vistors to work?

Should you start out Happy and Confident?  Should you start out Anxious and Depressed?

Now you need to become a creative marketer and create your messages.

Our tool helps you optimize your marketing and know what changes to make.

Facts Tell. Emotions Sell.

Try it now…

Try Page Emotional Analytics on a Page